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Why Choose Pretty Pools?

Pretty Pools is the best in the DFW Metroplex for a number of different reasons:


Any recommendation or estimate from us will be with your best interest in mind. We do not offer commissions so you will never be faced with a hard sell.

Quality Control

Our managers make random quality control visits each week to make sure you are receiving the best service. Communication is a top priority for us. We make it easy to reach us either by email or phone at our stores and have very fast response times should you have a need or a concern.


Pretty Pools is professional in appearance of both technicians and vehicles so you can be proud to have us in your backyard.

Attention to Detail

We will always inspect your equipment for leaks and to make sure everything is functioning properly and in optimum condition. We will always notify you if we find something that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Customer Service

We place a very high emphasis on customer service and fast response…we always make sure the customer comes first and that we value your business.

Here for You

Honest dealing with customers has made repeat business our main niche in the market…we treat your pool like it is our own!

Keep Your Pool Clean and Worry-Free